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It is our intent to make this page as informative as possible.  We will make every attempt to post up-to-date minutes from Association meetings, as well as news releases and information pertinent to those owning lake property.



At a most recent Hobart Township meeting, Julie Lamers, City Clerk for Vergas, outlined a emergency response notification system that is being provided through the Otter Tail County Emergency and Safety liaison.  This system would be made available to parties in both Vergas and Hobart Township that would provide immediate notification of various subjects  through which ever contact venue one would like, such as; cell phone, home phone, text, work phone, email,  or fax.   ThE following link gives somewhat of an overall application of the broadcast process and the cost. 



We have a new DNR contact person at the Fergus Falls DNR office who will help in identifying suspicious plants or creatures that you're concerned about being an AIS.  He is Mark Ranweiler, and his number is 218-739-7576,  Ext. 254.   If you bag your item in water, they tell us this allows you to transport possible AIS's to his office.  Keep scouting for these bad boys!  

Several changes to the Otter Tail County Shoreland Management Ordinances were proposed last spring.  Changes can be found at:


The most recent lake assessments information specific to Long Lake can be found on the following links:

A one page summary of findings:


An in-depth summary of findings:


Maps of Long Lake showing water run-off threat analyses:


Water quality findings for other lakes in Otter Tail County:


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Lake Area (acres): 1,273.00
Littoral Area (acres): 529.00
Maximum Depth (ft): 128.00
Water Clarity (ft): N/A
Dominant Bottom Substrate: N/A
Abundance of Aquatic Plants: N/A
Maximum Depth of Plant Growth (ft): N/A